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Imago Buys Oxford Nanoscience

April 13, 2006

The title says it all. Here’s the press release from Polaron:

Here’s my take on the situation:

Essentially, Polaron is getting out of the Atom Probe business, no doubt because the Imago had better technology and better approach to sales and developing a business. When Oxford’s main competitor was Cameca/Rouen, Oxford had the upside of being the preferable instrument for sales to industry, whereas the Cameca/Rouen instrument was better suited to the research lab.

With the ascendence of Imago’s LEAP, the high end of Oxford’s business was essentially cut off, and Polaron was left to fight for academic scraps with Cameca. Now, Cameca might be able to justify that because of their other academic oriented research instruments, and with the level of the collaboration they have with Rouen. Polaron, however, found it just wasn’t worth it for the small market that exists for Atom Probes.

Imago, meanwhile, gets a significantly cleaner playing field and some technology thrown in as well, so as long as the price doesn’t sink them, it seem like a good deal for them. Polaron, meanwhile, exits gracefully from the market with a little cash and a continuing investment, and more time to focus on their core business. Not a bad deal there, either.