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The Intel Mac Pro

August 26, 2006

Now that’s a screaming machine. Here’s Apex on Intel:


The colors are a little off on intel — must be a byte switching issue — perhaps ‘ARGB’ became ‘BGRA’ ???

In any case, Calculations are approximately twice as fast compared with my dual G5 machine, and most things just work. I’ll be releasing soon.

– Olof


Improvements in Apex a42

August 26, 2006

The biggest feature here is that I fixed the sliders in the isosurface properties pane — the sliders weren’t working correctly. Now, not only are they working correctly, they are drawing really fast on live feedback. It’s really a great illustration of how the confidence sigma value improves the data along the edges.

More stuff here includes some under the hood work for intel doing reading of kozo format files. This shouldn’t affect most folks.

– Olof