The Reconstruction Summit Wrap

Well, I’m really late writing this, but a big thank you to Tom Kelly and everyone at Imago for putting together the reconstruction summit. Mineral Point, WI is extremely cold in February, but it was an ideal place to get a small group of scientists together for brainstorming. The Jones Mansion is quite a nice place, too. You can see the room I stayed in on their homepage — in the picture on the left, right through the bright doorway.

The scientific content of the meeting is under “Gordon Conference” style embargo, meaning that none of the
participants are free to discuss the content, but I can say what I took away from it as future work for myself. One of the basic issues with the current data workflow for the LEAP right now is that the raw data files from the LEAP are in a less-than-fully-open format.

That’s not good for researchers, because its hard to tinker with data that’s trapped in a proprietary format. That’s not good for Imago, either, because the last thing Imago wants to spend time and effort on is tinkering with reconstruction algorithms. So there’s a need for some common code to interpret and make accessible the large amounts of data in a raw data from the LEAP. I’m one of the people who volunteered to help maintain a repository of code. We’ll need the cooperation of the folks at Imago, but we’ll see how it goes.

And for the record, I tried cheese curds, but they didn’t squeak.

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